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Danna Paola (Wicked Mexico)
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Laurel Harris
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Danna Paola (Wicked Mexico)
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Anonymous said: Do you have Jenny's full final show??

I do, on audio.

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Update: Jennifer DiNoia’s last Defying Gravity.

I heard it…amazing. The whole show was amazing!

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Jennifer DiNoia’s LAST Defying Gravity?

Does ANYBODY have a recording of it that they could share? I’m DYING to hear it.

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Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t updated a lot for like…a year. Life has been kind of crazy. I lost my mom in May 2013, and I haven’t done much blogging, but I will try to be more active with posting regularly! I work in a management position at a clothing store as well so I’m pretty busy! But I can make time! 

The last time I updated about seeing the show was back in November 2012 when I saw Alyssa Fox & Jeanna de Waal…yikes! That was awhile ago.

Since then, I’ve seen the show 8 times! As follows:

12/2/12- Christine Dwyer & Jeanna de Waal
12/7/12- Christine Dwyer & Jillian Kates
4/10/13- Willemijn Verkaik & Ali Mauzey
4/11/13- Jennifer DiNoia & Hayley Podschun (Yes, I went straight from NYC one day to Rochester the next to see the 2nd tour!)
8/5/13- Lindsay Mendez & Tiffany Haas
10/30/13 (10th Anniversary!)- Lindsay Mendez & Ali Mauzey
1/15/14- Jennifer DiNoia & Kelly Felthous (Kellys debut!)
1/24/14- Jennifer DiNoia & Hayley Podschun

Jennifer DiNoia & Christine Dwyer are my favorite Elphabas, hands down. Ali Mauzey & Hayley Podschun are also now my favorite Glindas.

As I said, I’ll be posting more so hope y’all enjoy! <|:)

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Willemijn Verkaik &amp; Savannah Stevenson
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Gina Beck